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Passenger Vehicles

With data going back as far as the 1990’s in some vehicles, there is a good chance one or all of the vehicles in your collision have some type of accident related data. Newer vehicles on the road today have the capability of storing pre-crash data and can include the vehicles speed, braking status, seatbelt status, steering input, throttle position and more in the seconds leading up to to the crash. Don’t let the vehicles collision damage deter you from inquiring, we have successfully imaged EDR “blackbox” data from heavily fire-damaged vehicles, submerged vehicles and in cases where heavy equipment was needed to gain access to the module. Our team if fully trained, equipped and certified to preserve the data from your accident.

Commercial Vehicles

Just like passenger vehicles, heavy-vehicle EDR “blackbox” data can go back into the 1990’s, but the data available is determined by the make and year of the engine as opposed to the vehicle manufacturer. For example, the same year Freightliner could have either a Cummins engine in it or it could have been ordered with a Detroit Diesel engine in it and the data will vary. We can also get collision-related data from heavy-vehicle braking system modules like Bendix and Wabco, the two most popular braking systems we see on the road today. Some commercial vehicles can have both “hard- braking” events stored as well as data recorded from its “last stop” which can have speed, braking, engine RPM, clutch status and more, both before AND after the point of collision.

GPS, Telematics, other EDR sources

We have retrieved accident data from several different non-traditional sources in passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and even motorcycles on the road today. This can include data from the GPS on your dash, the phone in your pocket, the Ipad in your bag, the fleet management software under your dash and a host of other potential data sources. If we cannot retrieve the data ourselves we make sure you’re notified of all potential data sources and what must be done to preserve the data for the future.


The data retrieved from your vehicle’s EDR or “blackbox” can contain important information about your accident. In many cases, the EDR data is able to help provide important answers to common questions like:

  • BRAKING: Did the driver brake at all prior to the impact?
  • THROTTLE: Was the driver increasing or decreasing the throttle prior to the impact?
  • STEERING: Did the driver steer left/right, did steering occur after or before an impact?
  • SEATBELTS: Were seatbelts being used at the time of the collision?
  • IMPACT SEVERITY: How severe was the impact (DeltaV)?
  • CRUISE CONTROL: Was cruise control enabled?
  • ENGINE PROBLEMS: Was the vehicle experiencing mechanical problems prior to the impact?
  • SRS/SAFETY-RESTRAINT: Did the airbags and/or pretensioners deploy? Was there a prior accident?
  • TRAFFIC CONTROL: Did the vehicle stop at the stop sign or red light prior to entering an intersection
  • TESTIMONY: Does the data align with the testimony/statements of witnesses, involved parties or other data sources?
  • THE ORDER OF EVENTS: Did your client get rear-ended and THEN sustain a frontal impact?
  • SURVEILANCE: Does the data align with video surveillance footage you might have?

Professional EDR “blackbox” data retrieval as low as $250.00
Let the experts at BlackboxEDR help preserve the data that can potentially help answer many of your collision-related EDR questions!

Vehicle EDR Assignment Request

Passenger Vehicle Pricing

  • $250 (You mail us module)
  • $300 (EDR Equipment Rental)
  • $750 (We come to your vehicle)
  • $Quote (special circumstances)

Commercial Vehicle Pricing

  • $600 (You mail us module)
  • $800 (EDR Equipment Rental)
  • $1250 (We come to your vehicle)
  • $Quote (special circumstances)