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BlackboxEDR App

The BlackboxEDR App was created to maintain the latest EDR coverage in the ever-changing automotive technology world and create an easy way to access that data for both passenger and commercial vehicles. Downloading and using our App allows you instant access to our commercial vehicle Vin Decoder, Passenger Vehicle Search, Assignment Submission, and direct contact information to reach us
at any time.

IN-LAB RECOVERY: You mail us your module and receive your data for a flat $250 for passenger vehicles, $600 for commercial vehicles.

EDR EQUIPMENT RENTAL: We mail you the equipment to handle your own recovery for a flat $300 for passenger vehicles, $800 for commercial vehicles.  You are responsible for postage/shipping to your location and back to us.

ON-SITE RECOVERY: We physically go to the vehicle for a flat $750 for passenger vehicles, $1,250 for commercial vehicles, no expedited/hidden fees.


  • The Data in it’s RAW/native format (admissible evidence)
  • PDF’s of recovered data
  • Photos/documentation of our recovery efforts

BlackboxEDR aims to provide affordable and reliable access to accident related “blackbox” EDR data for insurance adjusters/risk managers, attorneys, trucking companies, the accident reconstructionist, law enforcement personnel, accident investigators and anyone else that may have an interest in their vehicle’s accident/collision related data. If you do not see EDR coverage listed for your vehicle in the app, it does not always mean that EDR data is unavailable. We try to keep our app as up to date as possible, but EDR coverage can change on a weekly basis so we always encourage you to contact us and let us confirm coverage with the most up-to-date information available.